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What Does Reference Number Mean?

  • Definition of Reference Number: A reference number is a unique identifier to which all financial transactions are assigned, including by credit or debit card. The reference number is generated for the same transaction and is technically fixed. An agency can use a reference number to identify transactions in electronic records and databases used to monitor card transactions. The reference number for each transaction in the customer’s account is usually included in the cardholder’s monthly statement.
    • A reference number is an identifier (a group of numbers and / or random letters) assigned to a credit or debit transaction.
    • These numbers make it easier and quicker for customer service representatives to respond to inquiries and inquiries.
    • Other types of referral numbers may include credit card or credit application numbers provided by merchants during the transaction or when a customer requests a product or service provided by customer service representatives. happens.

Literal Meanings of Reference Number


Meanings of Reference:
  1. The act of mentioning or insulting something.
  2. Use information sources to check things out.
  3. A letter from a previous employer confirming a person’s qualifications or credentials and will be used to apply for a new job.
  4. Include a quote (book or article) from a source of information.
  5. Mention or join.
Sentences of Reference
  1. Refers to the extraordinary power of the media
  2. Popular reference books
  3. I was kicked out of the library, but with good references
Synonyms of Reference

comment on, good word, backing, recommendation, character reference, testimonial, remark about, allusion to, mention of


Meanings of Number:
  1. Mathematical values ​​are expressed as words, symbols, or numbers that represent a specific quantity and are used to count, count, indicate continuity on a line.
  2. Many or many
  3. Magazine issue.
  4. Different types of words that refer to a person or thing or people.
  5. Contains set (quantity or specific quantity)
  6. Usually dial or assign a number to indicate a position on a line.
  7. Add or rate as a group member.
Sentences of Number
  1. He dialed the number carefully
  2. The company wants to increase the number of workers
  3. The shape of the pronoun in English reflects their number and gender
  4. There were more than 5,000 protesters
  5. Each document has a consecutive number
  6. The orchestra is furious with its former conductors
Synonyms of Number

digit, count, assign a number to, edition, issue, amount, copy, add up to, include, integer, numeral, quantity, amount to, mark with a number, come to, specify by number, total, categorize by number, figure.

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