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Definition of Contract:

  1. A voluntary, deliberate and legally binding agreement between two or more competent parties. Agreements are usually written, but can be negotiated or strengthened and usually refer to a job, sale or hire or recruitment.Agreement relations are offered with (1) offer, (2) acceptance of the offer and (3) due consideration (correct and correct). Each party to the agreement acquires rights and obligations in relation to the rights and obligations of the other party. Although all parties can expect a reasonable return from the agreement (otherwise, the court may revoke it because it is unfair), this does not mean that each party will receive the same benefits. The existence of a contractual relationship does not necessarily mean that the contract is binding or invalid (see the contract void) or call (cancel). Whether or not an agreement can usually be executed in writing, although written agreements protect all parties. Some agreements (such as a property sale, installment plan or insurance policy) must be legally binding and enforceable. Other agreements (see Agreements and Agreements in Law) are adopted and enforced by law, whether the interested party wishes to sign the agreement or not.
  2. Make a formal and legally binding agreement.
  3. Decrease in size, number or rating.
  4. Debt
  5. Grip or development (disease or infectious agent).
  6. Written or verbal agreements, especially those relating to work, sale or rent, the purpose of which is legally applicable.

Synonyms of Contract

Zip up, Plumb, Cramp, Take ill, Decline, Boil down, Enter into possession, Fasten, Invite, Mow, Lessen, Paction, Binding agreement, Bar, Engagement, Clap, Obligate, Fall in with, Employment contract, Barricade, Fall ill with, Preengagement, Do a deal, Abbreviate, Promise, Program, Understanding, Squeeze shut, Succumb to, Cover, Acquire, Latch, Dock, Get, Agreement, Make a deal, Pick up, Circumscribe, Nip, Have an understanding, Induce, Fold, Shorten, Afflict, Come down with, Business, Sink, Strangulate, Occlude, Fail, Epitomize, Protocol, Win, Get, Draw together, Fold up, Pledge, Treaty, Stipulation, Drag down, Bind, Pucker, Arrangement, Agree, Solidify, Undertake, Consolidate, Come into, Operation, Union contract, Shear, Poll, Lock out, Take, Obligation, Recap, Become infected with, Curtail, Close up, Compact, Run, Troth, Limit, Dwindle, Shut, Shake hands on, Answer for, Net, Commitment, Verbal agreement, Cut back, Be traumatized, Bring down, Develop, Take the vows, Restrict, Collective agreement, Lock, Procure, Cause, Indispose, Slam, Synopsize, Be responsible for, Taper, Engage, Collapse, Recognizance, Incur, Corrugate, Be brought down, Shut the door, Batten down, Squeeze, Be seized of, Telescope, Fall into, Overdose, Concentrate, Covenant, Purse, Get smaller, Retrench, Affair, Disorder, Draw in, Sicken, Padlock, Minify, Valid contract, Deal, Prune, Catch, Decrease, Capsulize, Pucker up, Fall into, Crease, Pull down, Make, Confine, Bring on, Crop, Succumb to, Work, Pollard, Formal agreement, Plight, Bag, Constringe, Venture, Bob, Wage contract, Capture, Bring upon, Corral, Earn, Consortium, Be stricken with, Scale down, Coarct, Strangle, Be security for, Reduce, Welcome, Effort, Agree to, Become engaged, Weaken, Lock up, Wrinkle, Sum up, Harvest, Convention, Shave, Undertaking, Engage, Clip, Agreement, Derive, Proposition, Go in, Dicker, Cartel, Contract an engagement, Run a temperature, Commitment, Shrink, Become smaller, Abridge, Summarize, Go into shock, Acquire, Constrict, Settlement, Cut short, Foreshorten, Break out, Undertake, Fever, Bargain, Bargain for, Sack, Incur, Cut down, Contain, Key, Diminish, Pact, Covenant, Project, Elide, Seal off, Truncate, Shrink, Stipulate, Zipper, Stunt, Bond, Come in for, Be taken ill with, Bond, Enterprise, Pact, Covenant of salt, Bang, Choke, Come by, Snap, Attempt, Button up, Recapitulate, Snub, OD, Button, Accept obligation, Mutual agreement, Promise, Come down with, Shut up, Catch, Secure, Reap, Take in, Become liable to pay, Commit, Publish the banns, Seal up, Derange, Develop, Choke off, Batten, Be answerable for, Go bail for, Catch cold, Erupt, Straiten, Bolt, Narrow, Upset, Seal, Cut, Close, Be felled, Accord, Betroth, Undertaking, Arrangement, Abstract, Task, Legal contract, Understanding, Be struck down, Covenant, Be struck down with, Affiance, Obtain, Transaction, Cut off short, Gain, Ironclad agreement, Commit oneself, Condense, Snape, Trim, Legal agreement, Plan, Compress, Draw, Compact, Knit, Score

How to use Contract in a sentence?

  1. Local authorities will nominate several agencies to provide services.
  2. Three people fell victim to the deadly virus.
  3. Both parties will have to sign an employment agreement.
  4. He owes ، 3,300.
  5. The inexperienced high school graduate signed a contract for his expensive new car, probably very soon, without reading the details.
  6. The lawyer explained the terms of the new company’s agreement with his supplier to ensure that the agreement benefits both parties.
  7. When you sign an agreement, you must make sure that you fully comply with it to protect your reputation.
  8. Glass contracts when cooled.

Meaning of Contract & Contract Definition

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