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What Does Commencement Date Mean?

A simple definition of Commencement Date is: This is the start date of your insurance policy. You can select a date of 30 days before the start of your policy. You do not have accident or disease insurance within the first 14 days of the start of your policy (if your policy covers diseases and accidents).

The date on which the organization first took insurance risk when issuing a policy and / or re-signing the insurance contract. According to the effective history of the cover.

Literal Meanings of Commencement Date


Meanings of Commencement:
  1. Sooner or later.
  2. A ceremony in which doctoral candidates receive a diploma or graduation.
Sentences of Commencement
  1. At the beginning of the training
  2. Departure address
Synonyms of Commencement

starting point, origin, opening, onset, outset, beginning, birth, launch, initiation, start, dawn, inception


Meanings of Date:
  1. Set or modify date (for an item or event)
  2. Show or display as a period.
  3. Dating (who you love or have sex with)
  4. The day of the month or year, indicated by a number.
  5. Dating or social or romantic affiliation.
  6. Soft dark brown ovoid fruit with hard stones, usually eaten dry.
  7. Large palm tree with palms from West Asia and North Africa.
Sentences of Date
  1. The painting is of 1460-1470
  2. Disco – It all comes to mind
  3. Many years ago, I went on a date with a friend
  4. What day is it today
  5. A history student I met in class
  6. However, he reminded diabetics to pay attention to medium-calorie fruits, such as mangoes, pomegranates and jackfruits, and high-calorie fruits such as dates and grapes.
Synonyms of Date

appointment, put a date to, establish the date of, woo, see, determine the age of, go with, assignation, meeting, be involved with, ascertain the age of, day of the month, rendezvous, take out, go out with, put a date on, day, establish the age of, occasion, anniversary, be romantically linked with, carbon-date, engagement, assign a date to, determine the date of, ascertain the date of, year, court, go around with, time.

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