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Closed Practice: What is the Meaning of Closed Practice?

  • A simple definition of Closed Practice is: A family doctor who does not accept new patients. Note: Even if your doctor is on the HMO or PPO list, contact us to find out if the practice is still open to accepting new HMO or PPO participants.

Literal Meanings of Closed Practice


Meanings of Closed:
  1. Not open
Sentences of Closed
  1. Rooms with closed doors in the hallway
Synonyms of Closed

sealed, closed, damp-proof, tight, airtight, watertight, water-repellent, hermetically sealed, waterproof, water-resistant


Meanings of Practice:
  1. Repeat (an activity) repeatedly or regularly to improve or maintain skills.
  2. Perform certain activities, methods or habits on a regular or permanent basis.
  3. The actual application or use of an idea, belief or method that contradicts the theory in question.
  4. The process or way of doing something normal, normal or expected.
  5. Repeated practice or performance to acquire or master an activity or skill
Sentences of Practice
  1. I have to practice my French
  2. Principles and practice education
  3. Current nursing practice
Synonyms of Practice

study, rehearsal, operation, action, policy, convention, method, habit, tradition, doing, drill, preparation, institution, execution, repetition, application, rule, fashion, way, exercise, custom, implementation, training, wont, use, enactment, routine, system, procedure

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