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Chiclet teeth means teeth that are way too white like egg (chic) and rectangular in shape. They are also known as gum Chiclet or fake teeth. Term chiclet is used for fake teeths.

Chiclet Definition

Term chiclet has different Definition depending on the situation you are using on.

Chiclets, is a brand of candy, a chewing gum, which contain chiclet as a main ingredient. The ingredient is Found from the sapodilla’s tree.

Fake Gum that hold teeth is called “Chiclet” or chicklet. The shape of the gum and color of teeth is wonderful, shiny and ideal for everyone. But the fact is, the ideal remains ideal.

The Chiclet gums have a range of dimensions that fit something(teeth) called the golden proportion. The Chiclet gums proportion fits the whole smile, in so many ways. It’s way far fascinating to think how these somethings(Chiclets) are beautiful, these somethings often has dimensions that fall within this Divine proportion.

Chiclet teeth – what does it means really?

Chiclet teeth means ideal teeth for a person, that are characterized as white like milk, and flat rectangular in shape.

Genetic 1 is the factor that contains information for development of teeth’s, shape, structure and orientation.

Briefly, As campared to normal teeth’s, like we all have, it’s beautiful and 100% complete structure of teeth’s. Normally our cavity would lack always one more than one feature, that feature can be teeth size, shape, colour, gum shape, dimension, and others qualities.

But, the Chiclet teeth’s are perfect and free from any lacking feature. Moreover, chiclet teeth are ideal in eyes of every human. Indeed, Every one of us wants to be perfect and beautiful.

In this case, no teeth dimensions are perfect in the world than chiclet teeth, although there can be a person in a million, that may have got perfect teeth. But, it’s rare and seems impossible.

Although, science has grown far, our dentist have found a method to make our teeth as much as whitey and shiny as chiclet teeth by usage of Veneers.

Veneer – what is it?

As far as science has grown in technology, no doubt that medical field has grown too. Moreover, these two medical and tech field when combines, forms and indivisible connection leading to solve alots of mysteries.

One of the mystery is related to Chiclets teeth, everyone wants to solve the mystery and grab it.
But, it isn’t easy although we can somehow reach to the mystery. Instead of solving it, we should follow to know how to be like nearest to it.

Thin coverings that are placed over the front teeths, that are visible part of the tooth is called veneer. They looks like they are natural teeth, although these teeth are just chiclet( term used for fake teeth).

Veneer, asides of giving posture to the teeth, it can be used to correct a wide range of dental issues, such as the teeths that are stained(anything creating attachment), that can’t be erased with bleaching.

You can watch transformation of teeths, before veneer treatment and after veneer treatment below

Also used for chipped and worn teeth.

Veneer is a piece of layer worn by teeth’s to be nearly like chiclet teeth. Veneer is a shiny white rectangular shape layer, surrounds the teeth completely.

Teeth’s are the new boobs – Cassandra Huysentruyt

Cassandra, she is an influencer and founder of violet grey. She herself is fond of beauty. She argued that doing “teeths job”— in which patients gets a new collection of pearly white veneers, are somewhat, resemble to boob jobs.

Boob job is, in which size of boob, color and shape is maintained to the perfect. That can change a person’s look completely, can make you sexy, attractive, appealing and confidence.

Same is with, teeth job, in which teeth jobs result in white, sexy, broad smile, change in figure(personality), and increase confidence.

Mouth is an important and appealing body part. It can affect your sex appeal and confidence. But, there is cost for this. A slim layer of porcelain that the dentist paste to each tooth is placed in front of your teeth.

To make it happen, dentist charge you 1000$ to 8000$ per veneer. Which is way costly. At this cost, people can avail partial or full teeth.
Keep in mind veneers are never covered in insurance. If you think in such a way.

Chiclet Teeth and Hollywood Stars

Many stars are more self aligned than Foster, says Kantor, at the Emmys 1st year. Citing a 40 something A lister. Adding a sentence at the end of repair “ He had a something small like chip on his veneer, and I met with him at the office to fix it”.


When Christy Turlington broked a teneer during vacation in Italy with her husband “Ed Burns”, she tracked down lituchy down in Florence.

Another, Model filmmaker said that, she remembered Gregg was in the country at that time. He escorted her to a local dental hospital, appointed and supervised her, she had been grateful to him.

According to her,

The smile had always been the best trait in her life, personally and professionally

Profession upgrading changes don’t come modest. A full-grin re-try normally puts porcelain façade on 16 to 20 teeth, with a normal expense of $2,000 to $4,000 per tooth, running upwards of $60,000. Since porcelain overlays acquired fame in the mid ‘80s, they have been ceaselessly consummated.

“In the event that you take a gander at films with Faye Dunaway or Diane Keaton during the ‘90s, you can see they’ve had façade on the upper teeth yet not the lower, and they don’t coordinate,” says Lowenberg. “Presently that has all been fixed.”

(At least, in contrast to other emotional tasteful work, grin makeovers have no vacation: Usually a patient visits the dental specialist once to have teeth prepared, leaves with fill-ins that for the most part look in a way that is better than the first teeth, at that point restores seven days after the fact to get the façade.)

Gag-initiating impression molds have passed by the wayside for advanced scanners, and dental specialists at this point don’t forcefully shave down solid teeth to clear a path for new porcelain layers.

“We don’t eliminate as a significant part of the characteristic tooth any longer, and where there is no projection, we can utilize ‘no prep’ façade,” says New York dental specialist Lana Rozenberg, whose patients incorporate Scarlett Johansson and Justin Theroux.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQS)

The following questions are frequently asked related to the Chiclet teeth.

What are Chiclets made from?

The sap trapped from various trees, especially from sapodilla tree, as a pre Columbian chewing gum is the material chiclet is made from. It is essentially similar to the indigenous chicle, with the development of a hard sugar covering in different colors and flavors.

Why are my teeth small?

My teeth are small abnormally, there can be many reasons causing such abnormality. By far, the common and major one is genetics. If you are borned with smaller teeth then it’s obvious that you have inherited such trait from you parent.

Your hair color, it’s shape, skin color, ear orientation, eye color, and yes also the size of smile, is expression of your Gene.

Are big teeth attractive?

According to Cassandra Huysentruyt — teeths are the new boobs. The statement campares the boobs with teeth, As boobs have remain one of the attractive body part of women, it’s same for teeth now.

According to the multitudes, longer teeth’s are far more attractive for people’s. Because, longer higher front teeth shows the higher social worth of that person.

Teeths are found to be attractive when a person kisses someone, or someone kiss them. It is also sexy.

Can you fix small teeth?

Smaller teeth are simply a product of genetics. But, it can be fixed. Many people with smaller teeth campared to normals are said microdontia (genetical disorder). It can be corrected or fixed by different customized treatments depends on your needs.

The best solution can be found when you and the dentist meet one to one in a meeting and finalize a way.

What are from chiclet teeth made from?

Chiclet teeth are made up of material called porcelain, the same material which is used to make toiletries. The all teeths are made up of rectangular in shape. Which is surrounded by a layer of veneer.

Chiclets themselves are used in chewing gums. A material obtained from a tree called sapodilla tree.

Why chiclet teeth are known as fake teeths?

Chiclet teeth are defined as teeth of full white in color like milk and rectangular in shape that are not found in reality just an artificial invention.

If some people wear such teeths, it’s obvious that they are fake. Still, they are so beautiful that no body cares about fake. People spents 10 to 50 thousands of dollars for getting teeths just like Chiclet teeth.


Chiclet teeth are made up of a material porcelain. That is found in toilet of every person. But, still people pay thousands of dollars for that. They are also known as fake teeth and ideal teeth for everyone.

Chiclet teeths are perfect teeths in the world, if someone have got such teeths, it’s obvious that they are fake. Because naturally such teeths never exist.

Although, it never means that you can’t get teeth like that. Dentist have found a way to make your teeth also white and rectangular, somewhat resemble to Chiclets teeth.

Veneer is a white layer made up of a material called porcelain. This thin layer and dentist hands makes the teeth somewhat similar to Chiclet.

Veneer, aside of giving posture also treats several dental diseases. Such as, stained, worned and chipped teeth. That are not treated further with any procedure.

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