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Definition of Care:

  1. Lack of active attention or neglect to avoid potential harm, error, trap and danger as a legal obligation or liability of either party. See also diligence and diligence diligence.
  2. Provision of what is necessary for the health, well-being, care and safety of a person or thing.
  3. Care and satisfaction.
  4. Serious care is used to correct something or to avoid harm or danger.
  5. Being anxious or interested in something important.

Synonyms of Care

Encumbrance, Parsimony, Safety first, Authorization, Protect, Heartache, Mind, Intendance, Economy, Safekeeping, Earnestness, Sympathy, Respect, Brevet, Pack of troubles, Inquietude, Adversity, Tutelage, Keeping, Treatment, Thoroughness, Caution, Be moved, Disquietude, Be concerned, Superintendence, Commitment, Executorship, Oppression, Awareness, Zeal, Anxiety neurosis, Heartbreak, Regency, Keep, Care about, Heeding, Deliberateness, Lamentation, Downer, Assiduity, Mindfulness, Vigilance, Embassy, Malaise, Conduct, Thorn, Economic planning, Hedging, Perturbation, Color with emotion, Accordance, Exequatur, Observance, Protectorship, Advocacy, Concernment, Price support, Cankerworm of care, Anxiousness, Catch the flame, Be involved, Suspense, Ministry, Responsibility, Tension, Favor, Handling, Bitter cup, Pastorship, Gall, Supervision, Consider, Discretion, Agony, Burden of care, Agitation, License, Circumspection, Crown of thorns, Strain, Blight, Anxiety, Rigor, Consternation, Punctiliousness, Trusteeship, Distress, Supervision, Protection, Carefulness, Bossing, Affliction, React, Take an interest, Execution, Thoughtfulness, Performance, Take care of, Canniness, Sponsorship, Control, Look after, Heartfelt grief, Pains, Attention, Authority, Sorrowing, Alarm, Parsimoniousness, Concern, Pastorage, Languishment, Be responsible for, Watch, Look after, Disquiet, Observance, Watchfulness, Frugalness, Anticipation, Delegated authority, Entrusting, Misgiving, Goodwill, Woe, Slowness to act, Unwastefulness, Mind, Running, Power of attorney, Suffering, Upset, Forethought, Forebodingness, Keeping, Guardedness, Foster, Guarding, Stress of life, Bread, Conformity, Empathize with, Frugality, Attention, Endowment, Solicitude, Sustentation, TLC, Lieutenancy, Vexation, Bother, Provide for, Consideration, Hardship, Charity, Nourishment, Nurture, Protection, Change color, Aegis, Errand, Advertency, Aegis, Loving care, Subsidy, Anguish, Be inspired, Watchfulness, Usage, Prudence, Adverse circumstances, Satisfaction, Take charge of, Wardenship, Guardianship, Tender loving care, Abetment, Guard, Pucker, Economicalness, Proxy, Countenance, Deliberation, Maintenance, Regard, Ward, Attend to, Anxious concern, Control, Care for, Calculation, Echo, Stress, Tend, Fosterage, Dole, Ear, Acquittal, Attend to, Consciousness, Wing, Note, Commission, Intentness, Devolution, Devolvement, Trust, Responsibility, Nervousness, Factorship, Fret, Pastorate, Support, Weight, Rue, Observation, Custody, Economy of means, Fulfillment, Deputation, Overanxiety, Bitter draft, Eye, Hedge, Anxiety hysteria, Catch the infection, Annoyance, Attention span, Administration, Empowerment, Vicarious authority, Reck, Oversight, Guardedness, Relate to emotionally, Heed, Entrustment, Curse, Dig, Chariness, Troubles, Discharge, All-overs, Judiciousness, Be fond of, Watch and ward, Auspices, Agency, Superintendency, Burden, Protective custody, Stew, Exertion, Sustainment, Cautiousness, Prudential administration, Subvention, Keep, False economy, Assiduousness, Take care of, Worry oneself, Pins and needles, Subsidization, Austerity program, Minister to, Awareness, Sparingness, Fear, Management, Foreboding, Be in tune, Be concerned, Load, Difficulties, Mind, Unease, Carrying out, Apprehensiveness, Full power, Daily bread, Governance, Take charge of, Guidance, Interest, Nervous strain, Ministration, Infliction, Careful consideration, Task, Vicissitude, Practice, Pawkiness, Love, Sustenance, Diligence, Anxious bench, Accountability, Carefulness, Guidance, Assignment, Waters of bitterness, Hardcase, Safe hands, Hard knocks, Identify with, Preparedness, Consignment, Like, Uneasiness, Conformance, Sorrow, Bummer, Plight, Curiosity, Procuration, Cure, Unprecipitateness, Manna, Be affected, Difficulty, Think, Nurse, Angst, Attentiveness, Heedfulness, Seconding, Carking care, Delegation, Dismay, Worry, Prostration, Championship, Purview, Effort, Disturbance, Deliberate stages, Agentship, Protect, Nurse, Thriftiness, Dread, Austerity, Fancy, Pay attention, Thought, Share, Forehandedness, Notice, Vigilance, Pining, Vale of tears, Encouragement, Bitter pill, Safeness, Legation, Warrant, Heartgrief, Tend, Heedfulness, Superintendence, Commissioning, Tight purse strings, Enthusiasm, Power to act, Livelihood, Plenipotentiary power, Regret, Attentiveness, Caution, Cross, Good management, Regardfulness, Compliance, Respond, Mothering, Hard life, Tentativeness, Worry, Watch over, Prior consultation, Anxious seat, Gall and wormwood, Alertness, Dolor, Circumspection, Jurisdiction, Apprehension, Patronage, Heed, Charge, Grief, Backing, Direction, Meticulousness, Custody, Husbandry, Misery, Custodianship, Tribulation, Wardship, Aggravation, Management, Grievance, Nervous tension, Adherence, Uncommunicativeness, Mission, Provide for, Providence, Meat, Circumspectness, Bitter draught, Hands, Provision, Thrift, Prudence, Remark, Sympathize with, Sea of troubles, Upkeep, Unquietness, Predicament, Prudentialness, Means of dealing, Hold, Alertness, Preventive custody, Economic support, Office, Concentration, Trouble oneself, Intentiveness, Advertence, Hesitation, Government, Peck of troubles, Living, Surveillance, Safe keeping, Hard lot, Sadness, Gingerliness, Trouble, Stewardship, Tutelage, Acquittance, Wariness, Irritation, Regentship, Pressure, Charge, Trial, Subsistence

How to use Care in a sentence?

  1. He planned his departure very carefully.
  2. When deciding to move in with a new company, consider the care and concerns of everyone involved.
  3. There are many products that you should pay special attention to to ensure that they are not damaged during transportation.
  4. They do not care about human life.
  5. Elderly care
  6. The company shows that it takes great care of its employees, such as medical and dental insurance.
  7. She has many animals to take care of.

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