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Definition of Browser:

  1. An animal that feeds mainly on high-growing vegetation.
  2. A computer program with a graphical user interface for displaying and navigating between web pages.
  3. A person who looks casually through books or magazines or at things for sale.
  4. Computer program (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) that enables internet users to access, navigate, and search World Wide Web sites. Browsers interpret hypertext links (hotlinks) and allow documents formatted in hypertext markup language (HTML) to be viewed on the computer screen, and provide many other services including email and downloading and uploading of data, audio, and video files. Also called web browser.

How to use Browser in a sentence?

  1. A web browser.
  2. When Dennys boss entered his office, he quickly shut down his web browser , so that his boss could not see that he was looking for other jobs.
  3. He preferred one browser to another to search the web, because it was faster and had better and more intuitive controls.
  4. The class was instructed to open their internet browser s and navigate to the schools home page in order to log onto the intranet.
  5. A wonderful array of shops that will keep any browser amused for hours.
  6. Roe deer are browsers, living throughout the year in dense woodland.

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